3 Types of house Renovation

in general, house renovation projects can be broadly classified into 3 types, based on how they add value to a house.
● Basic Renovation
● Cosmetic Renovations
● Personal Renovations

Basic renovation :
Basic renovation includes repairing existing defects and damages in a house and  improving the standard of a house. Some examples of basic renovation jobs include fixing a leaky roof, repairing cracked walls and simple remodeling of old kitchens/bathrooms.

Cosmetic renovation :
Cosmetic renovations include adding features to a house to enhance its appeal. Common cosmetic house renovations include adding a yard/deck, installing large windows, adding living space, adding warm lighting, upgrading rooms (such as kitchens and bathrooms) to modern standards, and repainting the entire house.

Personal renovation :
Personal renovations include basic renovations and cosmetic renovations such as bathroom/kitchen remodeling, house painting and general house remodeling.
Personal renovations are those commissioned by homeowners for their own convenience. Homeowners who plan to live in their houses for a long time may want to add some amenities to improve their standard of living, regardless of their impact on the value of the house.

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