3 main types of architecture :

interior design

Landscape Architecture


Interior design :

Interior design is a process to shape the interior space through floor-ceiling and wall design. In fact, interior design is very dependent on human activity and we can define it as the art and knowledge of understanding human behavior.

According to the definition of interior design, what interior designers do is more related to the interior space and their activities help to design and renovate the interior space. They change the appearance of the room and make changes in the functionality of the room. Their activities include painting the floor of the building to arranging decorative items inside. Interior designers are in contact with architects and construction contractors.

Areas of activity of the landscape architect :

* Reviewing and evaluating the environment and designing for its management

* Protection of historical and ancient spaces and gardens

* Designing different spaces in the city, such as sidewalks, squares, etc.

* Designing commercial and industrial towns and residential areas

* Designing the space around streets and public infrastructure

* Planning for new developments

* Designing the grounds of all kinds of recreational, public, sports parks, etc.

* Planning for the construction of bridges, tunnels and highways

* Urban reconstruction

* Designing historical, natural and tourist environments

* Landscaping of schools, hospitals and other public places

* Designing the space around the roads.

Landscape design and execution :

Designing the grounds, outdoor spaces and swimming pools, building a fountain is an integral part of interior and exterior design for luxury houses and villas. Landscape design and implementation includes stone and GRC decorations, natural wood and marble sidewalks, stone and cladding, smart irrigation networks, and area lighting. and decorative fence, and other works include planting plants, flowers, palms and natural grass.

Landscaping implementation steps :

1-Preparation of the area, smoothing the area

2-Inspection of communication routes (streets) and sidewalks

3-Inspection of water and sewage networks

4-Implementation of the irrigation system and water supply to the area

5-Organizing electricity and gas networks and finally starting landscaping

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